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As you will see below, I run a variety of classes, that are great introductions for people who have never heard about Functional Medicine or are new to healthy living.  They help guide you and can compliment my one on one coaching sessions. 

Fresh Produce

Body in Balance

This program is designed for women who find it challenging to loose weight and have tried all the usual diets without success.  We meet fortnightly for 6 weeks, where I provide key guidance on how to lose weight the healthy way!  We will cover topics such as:

  • Understand how hormones, stress, and lack of good sleep can affect your health.

  • Discuss habit breaking, emotional eating and why you have certain cravings.

  • Understand the importance of nutrition, phytonutrients, protein, good fats and fibre. Your biochemical needs.

  • How are you digesting and absorbing the nutrients in your food? Work out how to optimise this.

  • Taste new healthy alternatives to crowd out your old unhealthy foods.

  • Are you exercising too much/too little?  Work out what right type of exercise is that suits you.

  • Work on other factors like what level of joy you have in your life, emotional fulfilment and community/supportive relationships. This will help to keep you healthy and thriving.

For further information and pricing, click here.

Adrenal profile

Gut Makeover

As Hippocrates said some 2000 years ago, “disease begins in the gut.” And guess what? He was right. For our gut manages the fuel and nutrients our bodies need to thrive.

It is the home of billions of bacteria that dictate the overall balance of our neurotransmitters, synthesise vitamins, aids in the digestion/absorption of nutrients, and trains our immune system.

If the gut is out of balance and not working optimally, then our organs cannot function as well as they should. 

Who this workshop is for:

When it comes to your own gut, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating certain foods?

  • Do you regularly suffer from candida or colds/viruses?

  • Do you have irregular bowel movements?

  • Do you have low energy or feel sleepy after eating?

  • Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or low mood swings?

  • Do you have regular brain, fog, headaches, or migraines?

All of these symptoms and more can be caused by an unhealthy gut.

What to expect:  Three 2 hour group sessions over 8 weeks.

  • Fill in a questionnaire to personalise your approach to tackling your gut health issues.  Gain insight into the signs  and symptoms of an unhealthy gut and what you can do to address the imbalance.

  • Learn and apply the 5 R's of gut healing in order to provide a systematic approach to reversing your gut health issues. 

  • Learn how to tackle constipation/diarrhea and spot the causes.

  • Leaky gut/enhanced intestinal permeability, the signs and symptoms, plus how to address it.

  • Learn how to optimise your ability to absorb nutrients.

  • Further testing options to get a fuller understanding about your gut microbiome.

  • A factsheet with recommended reading and useful website links.

Stomach Pain

How to Balance your Hormones

Do you feel that your body has changed since you turned 30 despite eating less junk food and doing more exercise? Do you find it hard to get moving in the morning?  Do you feel like you are not in control of your weight, mood, and/or memory? 

Many doctors will tell you that this is all part of ageing, however this isn't true. With balanced hormones .you can age well and gracefully in a body that will still function at its optimum best.

Who this workshop is for?  Anyone who has ever suffered from:

  • PMS, including menstruation changes and perimenopause.

  • Weight gain, including slow weight loss and fluid retention.

  • Foggy brain, including fatigue and forgetfulness.

  • Mood swings, including irritability and depression.

  • Body temperature changes, including hot flushes and cold intolerance.

What to expect: Three 2-hour group sessions over 6 weeks.

  • Useful insights into a number of topics that affect your hormones (for instance, the power of nutrition and the benefits of a good night’s sleep).

  • Weekly factsheets with recommended reading, useful website links, and recipes.

  • To encourage group discussion throughout, there will be a private WhatsApp group.

Helping your Neurodivergent Child to Thrive

Neurodiversity in children can take many forms, like ADHD and Autism, as well as learning disorders, like dyslexia and dyscalculia. However, there is a strong correlation between children with neurodiversity and their gut health. It includes their:

  • inability to absorb nutrients.

  • impairment in detoxification capability.

  • high levels of toxicity from environmental pollutants.

  • allergies, sensitivities and fussiness when it comes to food.. 

Who this workshop is for?

This program is designed to help parents make changes to their children’s diets and lifestyles, which will cause a reduction in inflammation to allow their children to thrive. It will help to:

  • Uncover what may be exacerbating your child's symptoms and learn strategies to minimise them. 

  • Learn about the various nutritional imbalance and toxicity tests that are available to you.

  • Give you an action plan of how to eliminate toxins and pollutants..

What to expect:  Three 2-hour group sessions over 6 weeks.

  •  Useful insights into a number of topics (for instance, the power of nutrition and the benefits of a good night’s sleep).

  • Factsheets with recommended reading, useful website links, and recipes.

  • To encourage group discussion throughout, there will be a private WhatsApp group.


Cookery Workshops

Learning how to create delicious food at home, using new ingredients, can be challenging without some guidance. ​I currently run two courses:

  • Gluten Free Glorious - Where I demonstrate what flours you can use instead of normal wheat flours.  Show you how to make seed crackers, almond sesame crackers and date chocolate brownies. 

  • Fermentation focus - Where I show you how to make Sauerkraut, Kefir (milk based) and Kombucha.

I will send you away with the know how and passion for experimenting in the kitchen!  For the Fermentation classes I will give you kefir grain and a SCOBY so that you can brew at home. 

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