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30 Day Vitality Challenge Downloads

I'm so pleased you're  joining the 30 day May to June Vitality challenge! 

As promised, here are the downloads you need to start:

  1. 30 Day Challenge Guidelines & Tips to get started. 

  2. Habit Tracker form - print and put on your fridge - Mark off at the end of each day!

  3. Initial Workout Download, as a guide to the exercises listed in the guidelines: - this is for beginners and can be done at home with no weights or previous experience!

  4. I would love you to watch this podcast:  DOAC Robert Lustig Spotify which delves into the reasons why sugar and processed foods are the first to go when you're embarking on a healthy diet.

I will send other podcasts and an updated work out plan, later in the challenge..   

As you go through the challenge, I would love to hear your progress so please post your wins on instagram with #BodyinBalancewithJoB please!

If you have any questions, please do let me know!



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