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I have to confess, when I was a child I didn't enjoy sport at school so exercise wasn't something I participated in much. 

It was only later in life that I started working out and realised how much it enhanced my overall sense of wellbeing.  

When I moved to Malaysia in 2014, I met a group of friends who would work out in the park and when the trainer left, she asked me to take over the classes!  I took up the challenge and that's how my Bootcamp classes were formed.

I trained with FISAF over a few years and became a qualified personal trainer and my bootcamp grew from a few friends in the park to a group of 15-20 regulars attending 3 times a week.  During lockdown online bootcamp was a lifeline for all of us, it kept us connected and I would say, sane. 

My method of Bootcamp training now focuses on strength and toning without a lot of high cardio. 

If you want to do high cardio you can go for a run.


Historically I held my classes on my patio in Malaysia, now I am in Singapore I have resumed the groups at Kent Ridge Park, top car park.  I provide weights, so you just need to bring a mat, towel and water.


My classes incorporate full body workouts in different formats.  No two classes are the same and my attendees love the variety and strength they gain from the sessions.

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