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One-on-One Coaching

When people ask me what I do, I tell them:
I listen. I listen to you.

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We get moving quickly on the improvements that you already know you want to kickstart, and that I am qualified to deliver. Together we take a 360 degree look at your health and lifestyle.


But the real, transformative change, that I truly love to witness, actually comes from working with you – steadily, over time – to identify and assess the emotional and physical lifestyle changes that will ultimately empower you to lead a healthier, happier life.


By listening and working with you, I can help you to find the path to your wellness. 

This process may not be for everyone as the lifestyle changes can be challenging and the results don’t necessarily happen overnight.  I try and instil belief in the process, so that your own passion will keep you on track.  Most people who need my help have been living with their dis-ease for many years so you can't expect the healing to be overnight. 


We use a step-by-step approach to uncover the root cause of your functional imbalances, leading to a solution that truly work for you. 

Please download the Health History& Symptom Questionnaire below, to start your journey to vibrant health!


What to expect:

Before our first meeting, you fill in a detailed Health History and Symptom Questionnaire.  I use this form to create a map of the suspected root causes of your health imbalances. We then meet to discuss your health concerns in more detail and come up with a plan of action to start you on the path to health and healing. 

After the initial mapping discussion, we meet every 2 weeks for a period of 3 months.  Some clients need to extend to longer periods of time, until they are confident that they have reversed their imbalances, but most will find 3 months sufficient.

Regular meetings help to keep you on track and the process can be tweaked dependent on what is working and what is too challenging.  Further testing may be necessary to investigate the suspected dynamics which can alter the process going forward. 

We will focus on a combination of rapid relief to soothe symptoms and delve deep into root cause resolution in order to reverse the dis-ease dynamic.

After each session, I will send you a detailed email, outlining the key points raised in our discussion, including relevant handouts and links to supporting research, as well as supplement suggestions and top lifestyle modification tips.

My role is to educate you on all the puzzle pieces that are causing your discomfort.  I hope to inspire you to listen to your body and use your own inner wisdom on what may be holding you back from healing.  Finally I want to empower you to embrace the changes and stick with them for life!

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