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If in doubt, just go with the flow

On my health journey, one of the key things I’ve learned is the evidence of flow and synchronicity.

Not wishing to get too technical or scientific here but Carl Jung, one of the most influential psychiatrists of all time, defined synchronicity as “meaningful coincidence that cannot be explained by cause and effect.”

And guess what? He was right.

For me, I always find that when I reach a point of difficulty, something happens to pull me in the right direction. Take the moment I met Cat Preston.

Back in the day, I ran free bootcamps from my home. One morning Cat arrived for a class. As she was leaving, we struck up a conversation on running bootcamps and health coaching.

This led to Cat asking me to appear on her podcast, The Collective Wisdom.

I can still recall the nerves I had before going on the podcast. It’s the same feeling I had when looking to build a website. Then I remembered that Cat had put her own website together, so I reached out to her.

And we did a barter deal.

I helped her daughter with her hormonal issues, and Cat helped me to find my story and set me on a path to build my website. It was the perfect partnership and I’m so grateful to her for listening to me and valuing what I had to say.

You can listen to that podcast here. And I hope that, when in doubt, it inspires you to go with the flow, too.

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