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Your greatest challenge could be your path to a fulfilled life

Healthy living is something I discovered through my son, Archie. When he was 6, he started to show learning and behavioural issues. So I went on a mission to understand the reasons why.

As he always seemed to have a bloated tummy, I started there.

Working with an amazing nutritionist Susie Rucker (, we healed his gut and rebalanced his dysbiosis (a posh word involving the loss of beneficial microbes in our gut).

Working with a brilliant occupational therapist, Sarah Neville ,, we helped Archie with his sensory processing, planning and coordination skills.. We also relieved the pressure of Archie not being able to keep up with his classmates by taking him out of mainstream school.

Today, he is a thriving child in an international school, studying GCSE’s. What’s more, as well as being a budding artist, he is happy and confident.

The pressure to help Archie was a strong motivation for the changes we had to make. While I wouldn’t wish that journey on anyone, when I look back, I realise that if he wasn’t struggling and didn’t need my help, my own life would now be very different.

And not in a good way.

It set me on a path to becoming a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, something I am truly passionate about. Now, my attitude is that change, whether it may feel good or bad at the time, is actually good for us.

So, when things go wrong, as they are bound to if you believe in Murphy’s Law, I try to see what I can learn from the situation. To me, reflecting on the positive, feeling the fear, and doing it anyway are now my favourite mottos.

Listening to my clients and learning about their numerous issues, I let them in on my secret: Issues, frustrations, or challenges can actually be good. The actual process of managing and healing those issues can be very rewarding and positive, but only if you can see it that way.

In short, rising to the challenge of looking for the root cause of being unhealthy, unhappy, or just plain tired and confused, while understanding your body better, can be very fulfilling.

If you would like to learn more about my journey and how I can help you or a loved one become healthier and happier, please message me privately or visit my website,

Meanwhile, thank you for reading this, and take care.

Joey x

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