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Daily Metabolism Drink

To boost your digestion first thing in the morning, 

Herbal Tea

•1 glass hot water
•1-2 tbsp. lemon juice
•1-2 tbsp. raw apple cider vinegar
•½-1 tsp. ginger
•½-1 tsp. turmeric
•1/4-1/2 tsp. cinnamon
•1 dash of cayenne pepper
•1 tsp. raw honey, maple syrup, or stevia to taste (optional)

NOTE: If you feel nauseous or experience tightness in the chest after drinking this, please omit the raw apple cider vinegar. This reaction can occur when the body releases bacteria and toxins. Continue to drink, omitting the apple cider vinegar (or use only ½ teaspoon of ACV) for at least three days, and then reintroducing it. If the reactions continue upon reintroduction, continue to drink only the lemon water.

Please remember to rinse your mouth out with water as lemon and apple cider vinegar are acidic to the teeth or you can use a straw!

Drink just lemon and hot water if you prefer.

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