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Meet Jo

A healthier, happier you
is within reach 

Functional Medicine Health Coaching & Personal Training

Meet Jo Brownlow

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach
& Personal Trainer

Hello. I’m Jo.


I love nothing more than helping people find their own wellness formulas. Putting someone on a path towards a healthier, happier life, fills me with a huge sense of pride and joy, every single time.


Having a child with severe neurological/behavioural issues when he was young, and going on my own Hashimoto’s healing journey, means that I know first hand how challenging lifestyle changes can be. I also know that with the right support, we can get ourselves back on track and enjoy the process at the same time.


Working together, I can help you find a better balance and enjoy a greater sense of well-being, too.

Learn more about me by clicking on these links:  My Journey, My Training and  My Approach 

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Symptom Relief Naturally

Rapid relief strategies can 

decrease unpleasant symptoms, empowering you to make the necessary changes to reverse dis-ease dynamics, for long-term remission.

Root Cause Resolution

A multi-disciplinary approach that looks at the root cause of disease, including analysing your health history & mapping symptoms, reading blood-work, and other functional tests, which leads to healing and long-term vitality.


Toxicity and an inability to detoxify is a crucial component in dis-ease progression. Finding and addressing probable causes can help boost detoxification pathways.

 Nutrition & Gut Health

Nutrients are essential for the body to thrive, not just survive.  Good digestive secretions, optimal intestinal lining, easy cell absorption, and balanced flora are necessary to create a balanced immune system, the cornerstone of good health. 

Stress Reduction

Stress or unrelenting cortisol expenditure leads to skewing of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis. However, functional medicine resolution allows the body to feel safe again and for this to rebalance.

Emotional Engagement

Understanding why imbalances manifest in your body and what lifestyle changes are necessary is the key to good health. In other words: Education, inspiration, & empowerment.


Jo has a friendly, understanding personality and certainly knows her stuff. She explains the bigger picture and connects on a personal level, so you don’t feel like a number. I loved every minute of her classes.

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My family and my own path to health in detail. You only know how to heal when you've done it yourself! 

Starting with a degree in Chemistry, finishing with  Functional Medicine Health Coaching Accreditation.

Education, Inspiration and Empowerment!

Maximise what is needed, Minimise what is harmful and Prioritise Health!

Answers to the key questions my clients ask when I meet them

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